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Invest Pro Properties Inc.

Bad Tenant Rescue Program

Our Bad Tenant Rescue Program is specially designed to take a troubled property with a bad tenant and turn it around fast.


You Have a Bad Tenant!
Now What?

The tenant hasn’t paid the rent in months, perhaps they have unauthorized occupants or pets or your property is being trashed, and you haven’t had to deal with evicting a tenant before. Evictions can be very expensive! What should you do? Do you know how to handle these situations and be assured that you are compliant with Florida Tenant Landlord Law?

If you hire InvestPro Properties, you won’t have to
worry about it, here is what we will do for you:

Once you have decided that you have had enough and you hand over the reins to InvestPro, the first thing we will do is contact the tenant and let them know that there is a new sheriff in town!

Some tenants will push the envelope and try to bully around a lesser qualified property manager or DIY landlord. Once they realize that a professional property manager has taken over, a lot of those problem tenants will fall into line and start paying their rent and adhering to the lease terms. We will attempt to either get your tenant to start paying again or negotiate an Agreement to Vacate where the tenant leaves willingly. If those attempts fail, then we will post the required notices as required by Florida Tenant Landlord Law to assure you are in a solid, compliant position to file the eviction.

Our clients are sometimes shocked at how effective we are at negotiating with tenants to either pay the rent or move out, saving our owners the unnecessary grief and expense of a costly eviction!

How Much Does the Service Cost?

We know what you’re thinking, this all sounds great but it must cost an arm and a leg to do all of this work, right?

Well, you might want to sit down for this…. The cost for this service is FREE! That’s right, basically as a signing bonus we will help you get your property back under control for NO additional charge. Think of it as our gift to you for giving us the opportunity to be your property management company. Most firms don’t have the expertise or skill to offer this type of service, but the few that do charge at least $300-$500 or more. As soon as you sign your Management Agreement we will immediately start working on your behalf to get your problem tenant and situation under control.

This service is only available as part of an ongoing management program.

To get started call today at (561) 203-7022 or fill out the request here.

Our Proven Process For Placing High Caliber Tenants

Not only do we lease every property to the absolute best tenants, we also do so in 28 days or less.


Pricing your rental correctly and competitively is critical to your success. We’ll get you the best rental rate possible with our deep understanding of the local market, comparables in the area and accurate pricing analysis software.


It’s been shown that tenants will not click on online rentals with less than 11 photos and some leasing sites won’t allow poor quality photos. Our highly-effective photos and 3D virtual tours attract a lot of attention and, for you, an ideal tenant.


Here at InvestPro, we are so confident in our ability to screen and place a responsible pet owner, that we will pay for the cost of any damage created by a pet that goes above and beyond the security deposit out of our pockets up to $2,000 per tenancy.


Our tenacious marketing efforts include radio, internet and realtor referral programs that create a constant supply of tenant interest and allows us to fill your property with an excellent tenant.

Tenant Screening

A rental is only as successful as the tenant who lives in it. That’s why we put a lot of time and effort into finding the absolute best tenant for your property. We also stand behind our tenant placement services by offering a 6-Month Tenant Performance Guarantee.

You won’t find another property management company in the area who does a more extensive tenant screening than us. We do a thorough background check on every qualified renter’s credit, criminal history, income, debt-to-income ratio, employment verification, rental history and more.

Learn More about Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening Checklist

  • Application Fee Paid
  • Current Photo ID
  • Identity Verification
  • Legal Residency
  • Meet Occupancy Limit
  • Pet Requirements
  • Credit Report
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Employment
  • Debt to Income
  • Criminal History
  • Public Registry Search
  • Rental History
  • Eviction Search

Extensive Tenant Screening

Request a FREE No Obligation Consultation With Our Property Management Team. Get Top-Notch Tenants and Peace of Mind