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Invest Pro Properties Inc.

Beware of Hidden & Junk Property Management Fees

Below is a list of some of the typical extra and hidden fees that most property management companies charge for their management services that we just include.

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We keep things simple because life is complicated enough.


We keep things transparent because honesty is the best policy.

No Hidden Fees

We don’t hide anything because we’re different than all the rest.

The Competition VS InvestPro

No Games Fee Structure

  • Set Up Fees – $100.00 – $200.00
  • Cancellation Fees- $500.00 – Up to 1 Months Rent (Crazy, isn’t it?)
  • Vacancy Fee – Monthly Fee Even When Your Property is Vacant
  • Maintenance Coordination – $50.00 Per Occurrence
  • Insurance Oversight – Up to 15% Of Claim
  • Repair Markups – Up to 15% of Repair Bill
  • Security Deposit Claims – $100.00
  • Legal Notices and Postings – $50.00
  • Periodic Inspections – Up to $150.00
  • Drive by Inspections – $50.00
  • Annual Property Review – $150.00
  • Annual Admin Fee – $25.00
  • Virtual 3D Virtual Tour – $350.00 (Most Don’t Offer at All)
  • Marketing Fee – $250.00
  • Renewal Commissions – Up to One Months Rent
  • Year End Statement Fees – $30.00
  • Lease Guarantee – $100 Up Charge
  • Eviction Coordination – $350.00
  • Eviction “Protection” – $25.00 Per Month
  • Rent Loss & Damage Insurance – $30.00 Per Month
  • Tenant Bounced Check Fee – $40.00
  • Technology Fee – up to $10.00 Per Month
  • Bill Payment/Processing Fee – $5.00 Per Bill Paid.
  • $0.00 – Nothing to Hire Us
  • $0.00 – Nothing to Fire Us (Though We Doubt That You Will)
  • $0.00 – We Only Get Paid When You Get Paid
  • $0.00 – Included at No Extra Cost
  • $0.00 – Included at No Extra Cost
  • $0.00 – We Feel Repair Markups Create a Conflict of Interest
  • $0.00 – Included at No Extra Cost
  • $0.00 – Included at No Extra Cost
  • $0.00 – Included at No Extra Cost
  • $0.00 – Included at No Extra Cost
  • $0.00 – Included at No Extra Cost
  • $0.00 – This is the Definition of a Junk Fee
  • $0.00 – Included at No Extra Cost
  • $0.00 – Included at No Extra Cost
  • $0.00 – No Renewal Commissions
  • $0.00 – Included at No Extra Cost
  • $0.00 – 6 Month Tenant Performance Guarantee Included
  • $0.00 – Included at No Extra Cost
  • $0.00 – Waste of Money as Long as Tenants are Properly Screened
  • $0.00 – Waste Of Money, Pure Profit Center
  • $0.00 – We Don’t Charge You When a Tenant Bounces a Check
  • $0.00 – Included at No Extra Cost
  • $0.00 – Included at No Extra Cost

As you can see, there are a lot of sneaky ways for a property management company to hit you with fees and charges. Especially these companies that try to pretend like they are “Discount” firms. Once you think about it, you realize that they are not being 100% honest with you about how you will be charged. At InvestPro Properties our management fee structure is simple and transparent. We manage everything A-Z for a low percentage of rents collected, only when they are collected. We only make money when you are making money.

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a google review about our property management services

Donald Timmons

InvestPro is my go to source for all of my rental investment property questions and concerns. Including helping me to analyze prospective property investments. Usually the larger more established companies make you feel like just another number. But not these guys, it’s actually amazing how they make you feel like you are their one and only concern. Thanks for all the great service!

a google review about our property management services

Grace Jefferson

After diligently evaluating many property management companies, it was obvious to me that InvestPro was the best choice. They really knew their stuff and are very compliance oriented. They take care of me and my property like it was their own. Making sure every “I” is doted and “T” is crossed.