How to set the right rental price for your West Palm Beach Investment

02 Apr

One question we frequently get asked is about how to set the appropriate rental price for a West Palm Beach rental property. It’s important to be consistent with the process you use to set a price, and there are a few simple factors to consider when you’re pricing your rental home. First, you need to […]

5 Biggest Eviction Process Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

16 Feb

At InvestPro Properties, we have put together a list of the top 5 biggest mistakes in West Palm Beach that we see landlords making when trying to evict tenants and how you can avoid them. To assure a smooth eviction, you want to make sure that you’re following the law and doing everything correctly. The […]

Top 10 Mistakes West Palm Beach Landlords Make

19 Jan

At InvestPro Properties, we have put together a list of the top 10 mistakes we see West Palm Beach landlords making on a daily basis and how you can avoid them. Landlords not running proper screening process. Performing a thorough criminal, background, income and rental history evaluation is imperative. When your property is vacant, you […]

Biggest landlord Problems For West Palm Beach Rental

14 Aug

Investing in rental property will provide a steady revenue source while building wealth, but at the same time, it gives rise to several problems. Today we will discuss some common issues. One of the most common landlord problems is the nonpayment of rent. Even with a lease, some tenants will refuse to pay. The simple […]

Should I Have My Realtor Manage My West Palm Beach Property?

06 Jul

If you are considering using your real estate sales agent to place your tenants or as a property manager for your rental home, you’ll want to make sure that they are truly qualified. You’ll need to make sure that they have the knowledge, skills and experience to manage your property correctly. The main job of […]

Single Family vs. Multi-Family Property – Which Should I Buy in West Palm Beach?

03 Feb

Here at InvestPro Properties, we are often asked which type of property is a better investment; a single family property or a multi-family property. The best investment depends on what your goals are. Single Family Properties We tend to prefer single family homes in our market. There’s a reason why large Wall Street investment firms […]

How to Calculate Cash Flow on an Investment Property – Property Management West Palm Beach

28 Jan

Today we’re discussing how to analyze a rental property with some of the key calculations that help you decide if the investment property you’re considering makes financial sense for you. Investors should base their calculations on a minimum of a three to five year investment horizon. Since housing prices are on the rebound, this is […]

How to Perform a Property Inspection for my Rental Property in West Palm Beach

21 Jan

Unfortunately, a lot of landlords and many property managers have not assigned a high degree of importance to property inspections. This can increase risk and put the owners at the mercy of the tenants which can be ultimately very painful and very costly. Today we’re going over some general definitions and briefly discussing the types […]

Florida Eviction Process for Landlords – West Palm Beach Property Management Advice

24 Nov

Today we will talk about the dreaded eviction process. If you’re doing a good job of screening and you have a solid lease with all the right deposits, chances are you won’t have to do evictions very often. But sooner or later, you might be confronted with a situation where eviction is necessary. If you […]