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Florida Eviction Process for Landlords – Tampa/St. Petersburg Property Management Advice

Today we will talk about the dreaded eviction process. If you’re doing a good job of screening and you have a solid lease with all the right deposits, chances are you won’t have to do evictions very often. But sooner or later, you might be confronted with a situation where eviction is necessary. If you handle everything correctly, it won’t be a big deal, and you can have the tenant out within three or four weeks.

Eviction Grounds

First, determine whether grounds to evict exist. The most common reason for eviction is nonpayment of rent. Other grounds relate to violations of the lease agreement like unauthorized occupants and pets, HOA violations or violations of local, state or federal laws.

Notice of Eviction

Next, deliver a notice of eviction. This will be a 3 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate or a 7 Day Notice of Non-Compliance. A 15 Day Notice is only required in Florida for month to month tenancies. If the tenant has not paid rent during the notice period or remedied the lease violation that prompted the eviction, you are entitled to file an eviction complaint.

Filing an Eviction Packet

Now, you will file your eviction packet with the county clerk’s office. In most counties, the filing fee is around $200. After filing your eviction complaint, you’ll be provided a Service of Summons, which must be provided to your tenant with a copy of the eviction packet. Tenants have five days to answer an eviction Summons. If the tenant answers and pays the rent, the landlord has to contact the court to schedule a hearing. If the tenant does not answer, you can file a motion with the clerk seeking a default judgment.

Court Hearing

On your hearing date, go to court. The court will order the sheriff to evict the tenant within 24 hours. Evictions Florida Eviction Process for Landlords – Tampa/St. Petersburg Property Management Adviceare extremely detailed and they need to be handled properly to ensure a successful outcome. An experienced property manager can save you a lot of grief, aggravation and expense.

At InvestPro Properties, we work with one of the top eviction attorneys in Florida in order to make this a smooth and painless experience. If you have questions, or you’d like help with an eviction, please contact us at InvestPro Properties, and we’d be happy to help you.