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How to Perform a Property Inspection for my Rental Property in Tampa/St. Petersburg

Unfortunately, a lot of landlords and many property managers have not assigned a high degree of importance to property inspections. This can increase risk and put the owners at the mercy of the tenants which can be ultimately very painful and very costly. Today we’re going over some general definitions and briefly discussing the types of inspections that need to be performed.

Move In Inspection

This inspection is conducted during the move in process with the tenant. It must be documented. At InvestPro Properties, we use inspection software that provides detailed inspection reports with pictures. At the minimum, you need a detailed inspection sheet. Have the tenant walk through the property and document any issues. These things could be deductions from their security deposit when they leave. This inspection is not intended to be a wish list for things they want done to the property. You want this inspection to be conducted by the tenants so they can never say that they didn’t know the condition of the property when they moved in. Once the inspection is complete, the tenant should sign and date the document and give it back to you. Make sure you have pictures of any damage. Print the picture and keep it with your inspection report.

Routine Clean and Safe Inspection

This is exactly what it says: an inspection you perform to make sure the property is safe, clean and well maintained. This inspection should be conducted every three to six months. If you go any longer between inspections, you may lose control over the condition of your property.

Basic Drive By Inspection

Here, all you’re doing is driving by the property and observing. If you notice any issues on the outside of the home such as pets that aren’t allowed or excessive vehicles that could indicate unauthorized residents, you should contact your tenant and schedule a detailed walk through inspection.

Move Out Inspection

This inspection is your opportunity to determine the overall condition of your property when a tenant moves out. This inspection should be conducted when you receive the keys from the tenant. Remember to document everything and take pictures of damage. It is very hard for a tenant to deny what is obvious in a picture.

These inspections will help you keep your property in good condition and well maintained by your tenant. They will also protect you if you find yourself in front of a judge defending your security deposit decisions.

If you would like to speak to one of our rental property experts, please contact us at InvestPro Properties.