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Invest Pro Properties Inc.

Multifamily Property Management Services

Invest like a pro with data-enhanced multifamily property management from InvestPro Properites, Inc.

  • Advanced technology
  • Greater efficiency
  • Higher profits
Help Me Reach My Goals

A Modern Solution to Multifamily Property Management

Utilizing our state of the art technology through in-house remote staffing support and PropTech, InvestPro Properties, Inc. has created simple, yet very effective processes to help you align operations with your investment objectives and goals. More importantly, we do it at a reduced cost and greater efficiency.

The founders and staff of InvestPro Properties have over 25 years of experience owning and managing a wide spectrum of mid to large-scale investment properties.

From managing single-family rental portfolios to multifamily, commercial, and even vacation cabins in the Smoky Mountains, we understand how much you have at stake and what it takes to make rental properties profitable.

Our service model leverages the same proven systems, processes, and technology we developed to fast-track profitable operations across thousands of apartment units in multiple markets.

It works for us. We know it will work for you, too.

Welcome to the Future of Multifamily Property Management

Hire an expert property management team that can catapult your investment into the 21st century!
We’ll help you achieve the highest return possible for your investment.

Say Goodbye to Wasted Time, Wasted Money, and Unhappy Tenants

Problem: Traditional and costly on-site property management staffing model.

  • One leasing agent goes underutilized for days at one location while another is overwhelmed, missing vital opportunities at another.
  • With the workload out of balance, owners lose money paying for downtime and lost leasing opportunities.
  • The office manager is buried in back-office tasks leading to high stress, high turnover, and long-term loss of revenue.
  • No time to focus on residents results in a bad customer experience and negative reviews that diminish the value of your investment.

Solution: Hybrid staffing model with state of the art Remote Support Services

  • A remote services center handles back-offices tasks traditionally completed by the on-site staff.
  • The office manager is less stressed and has time to focus on what brings in revenue: residents and prospects.
  • Leasing automation utilizing interactive AI technology to assure no time or marketing dollars is wasted and nothing gets buried.
  • Ownership saves time and money by balancing the workload and eliminating costly on-site leasing agents and increasing profits.

Remote Staffing Center

  • AI Leasing Assistants & Remote Staff
  • Leasing & renewals
  • Resident retention
  • Work order entry
  • Invoice order entry
  • Online reputation management

Data-Driven Multifamily Property Management

Our detailed KPI reports mean informed decisions that maximize your return.

With weekly Key Performance Indicators sent directly to your email inbox, InvestPro Properties keeps you up to date and in the driver’s seat.

Real-time data at your fingertips means you always know how your property is doing so you can make your investment decisions with confidence.

With InvestPro Properties, Inc. on the job, you can leave the hard work to us!

  • Market surveys
  • Pro-forma budgeting
  • Pre-purchase due diligence
  • Property takeover & staffing
  • Website and social media setup
  • Exterior and amenity renovation

Talk to a Property Management Technology Expert

You’ve spent enough time and money doing things the old way. It’s time to upgrade your multifamily property investments and boost your profits by utilizing the latest technology. Click the link below and ask us about saving money while increasing revenue.