Pet Damage Guarantee

Here at InvestPro Properties, we work hard to make sure that your property runs profitably and headache free. One of the biggest decisions an investor has is whether they’re going to accept pets or not, we believe that you should accept pets because your property will rent way quicker than if you don’t. From our experience about 75% of residents renting single family homes have a pet so excluding pets would mean that you are only able to target approximately 25% of the available market.

What we do is we minimize the risk of accepting a pet by charging a Pet Administration Fee to the resident and we give the owners a Certificate of Pet Guarantee to put their minds at ease when they place a pet into their property. This program helps the owners to overcome the fear of accepting a pet. This is a $2,000 value, at no cost to the owner. Most companies charge a resident a $300 pet deposit and residents get that money back should the property look fine, but on the other hand, if the pet does damage the property, then you’ll only get $300 as additional deposit and then you have to go after the resident for the rest of that money. So here at InvestPro, our guarantee is that we will cover the cost of any damage created by a pet that goes above and beyond the security deposit up to $2,000 per tenancy. This is almost seven times more coverage than you will get if you only take a traditional $300 pet deposit. That is the InvestPro Properties Pet Damage Guarantee.

Now, the guarantee does not include service animals, because per fair housing, service animals are not considered pets, they are excluded from this guarantee.  So, we will pay the difference between any security deposits up to $2,000 to make sure that your home is being taken care of from damage caused by pets.

Yet another way that InvestPro Properties takes the stress and worry out of your hands like no other company can do for you!