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Invest Pro Properties Inc.

Why Work with InvestPro Properties for Palm Beach Property Management

If you’re thinking about renting out your house but you’re not sure what to expect, we have a team at InvestPro Properties that can make everything easy, fast and worry-free. If you’re like most of the property owners we work with, you want to take advantage of long term equity growth, tax savings and cash flow while the tenant pays your mortgage every month. For the day to day management that keeps your property running at peak performance, it needs constant attention. If you don’t want to deal with the marketing and the showings, and you don’t have time for screening, writing leases or responding to bounced checks and late rent payments, and if you don’t have the resources to cover inspections, fair housing issues and maintenance calls in the middle of the night – it can quickly become overwhelming. Some landlords find more headaches than profits.

At InvestPro Properties, the experts here will take care of all that aggravation for you.


We start each rental process with this question: What’s the most you can rent your house for right now? Our pricing system will comb through hundreds of variables to provide you with a free analysis report that pinpoints where your property will rent so you can be assured your rental income is maximized.

Tenant Placement

We’ll also match your property with a perfect tenant. We’ll handle all the marketing, showings and tenant screening. Our aggressive marketing strategy includes radio, rental referral systems and an Internet program that pushes your property out to over 100 rental websites and the MLS. We will locate a great tenant in just a few weeks and for top dollar.

Leasing and Management

After we find you a tenant, we provide an attorney-written lease prepared specifically for your property and your tenant. Our leases are written to mitigate risk, protecting you and your investment. After your tenant moves in, our team of problem solvers will be there to 24/7 to handle day to day headaches. You can sit back and enjoy your monthly cash flow while we take care of your property.

When you work with InvestPro Properties, we expect no money upfront and there are no binding contracts. You can cancel at any time. We even guarantee that the tenants Why Work with InvestPro Properties for Palm Beach Property Managementwe place will perform.

Contact us today at InvestPro Properties. We will provide a free rental price analysis and help answer any other questions you might have about your rental property.